Monday, June 6, 2011

The truth about shopping on EBAY.

So a few days ago, I got this great question from my friend Monica that I am totally happy to address. 

Monica asked: I was at Target today trying on pants, and every blasted pair--that wasn't intentionally cropped--was out of this world too long for me. Are people getting taller? Am I shrinking? I've never had this happen before. I'm usually a 6 or 8, and I've never had to go to the petites for something that fits. And Target doesn't have any petites, as far as I could tell. How do you find stuff that fits from E-Bay? How often do you get stuff and it turns out not to fit?

One of my favorite eBay finds of all time: Clarks Indigo $22
Well, I hate to be the one that tells you this Monica, but I think you are shrinking.

No, but seriously, when looking for deals on eBay, you have to remember that it still takes work to find them. You will spend about the same amount of time searching on eBay as you would going through clothes at a store, but you can do it with a lemonade in hand, and your choice of music to rock out to, both of which are major pluses in my book. The truth is, I DO sometimes get stuff that doesn’t fit, but 98.2% of the time, that is totally MY fault!

Anthropologie Dress $34 (originally 150+)  & BCBG Heels $13
The key to shopping on eBay is to know yourself well. If I want to buy a pair of skinny jeans on eBay, what I SHOULD do is get out a pair of my favorite skinnies, lay those bad boys down on the ground, pull out my handy dandy measuring tape, and measure the crap out of them; across the top of the jean (the waist area) the widest part of the jean (the hips area) and the length of the jean (usually the inseam, which is the highest point of the crotch to the bottom of the leg).

Denim Shirt $5 - JCrew cords $5 - Sperry's $25
I do all this, so that when I find a pair of jeans that “claim” to be my size I just LOVE, I can make sure they will fit. A lot of sellers will already include all these measurements in the item description, but if they don’t, EMAIL THEM! This is usually my downfall. Because I’m kind of lazy guys. And because I have four sisters, so chances are, if it doesn’t fit me, it’s going to fit one of them. And I LOVE that. And the thing is, if it doesn’t fit, I can usually sell it on eBay for just as much or more than I bought it for. But to save yourself the hassle, ask about the measurements, and don’t be as impulsive as me, and you will find it usually fits.

Aldo  boots $25 - Vintage Purse $3
Vintage belt $3 - H&M Leopard Skirt $10
That’s the other thing about eBay. Where can I take 30 bucks, and walk away with an amazing pair of Marc Jacobs pants, or Frye sandals, or an anthropologie dress, or $200 for a custom made, all lace wedding dress? (yes, I am totally serious right now. My wedding dress came from eBay). Except maybe from a really rich person’s garage sale, but let’s face it, really rich people don’t have garage sales, their butlers do.

Lace wedding dress $200
So, I hope that helps someone out there. You can find stuff that fits on eBay, you just have to be a bit more meticulous, and make sure you get all the facts about the item. So my friends, go forth and prosper the eBay way. 


Some more gReAT eBay finds for your delight

Seychelles $25
Bandilo $16
Larry Levine Coat $20 (originally 100+)
Anthropologie Jacket $10
Dress $8


Monica said...

! Thanks Heather! I think this is the first time I inspired/prompted a blog post. I feel very special. And now I know I should have got my wedding dress from E-bay. That's fantastic. Well, maybe I'll give it a go with your advice. Oh, also good to know that I'm actually shrinking, that will be useful. :) Hope you are having a great summer!

Sweet Momiji said...

Very helpful post! Thanks so much for sharing!

Camille said...

Heather, I just barely found your blog and love it! It's so nice to see some amazingly stylish modest bloggers in this world! Thanks for working it!
- Camille at

hurricanekerrie said...

Great post! I buy stuff from ebay sometimes and I have a set budget. If the bidding goes over my budget, then c'est la vie. I love all your tips especially the one about emailing the seller. I find that that really helps esp. when returning/exchanging the item.

Carrie said...

This was an awesomely helpful post! I'm going to attempt to buy a dress off ebay now! Thanks Heather!
Carrie from

Aurora said...

Oh man, I have to start shopping on Ebay now. I have an obsession with finding clothes for SUPER cheap, so I frequent my favorite thrift stores and get really excited about my finds! But I've never tried Ebay...