Tuesday, May 10, 2011

if I only had a brain.

Me, hiding behind our tree! (haha tricked you, its just our tree!)
So I apologize for the lack of post yesterday (all 10 of you who read this anyway) but it was due to the fact that I had actually, literally (well no not really literally, but it felt literally) went brain dead yesterday. Although I am not in school, I have still been working on several different projects with several different professors (didn’t you know, I am just that cool.) so I am currently working on a manuscript defining a theoretical model of marital paradigms (see I told you I’m cool, you didn’t believe me did you?), waiting on a professor to get back to me on another manuscript I’ve worked on about child well-being among young parents, and I’ve just started a new project, where I’m interviewing foster children to compare their identity formation to youth who haven’t been in foster care (SEE I’M COOL! [The all caps means I’m yelling this at you]) Though, Justin keeps telling me that the fact that I am still doing school work when I’m not well, in school, just means I’m a nerd, and really the opposite of cool. I guess I’m ok with that.
The whole point of how cool am I fest though, was really to explain to you, why I went temporarily brain dead yesterday. So, my part of the manuscript was due Friday, and as I told you on Friday, I had left some of it kind of late and so was required to focus all brain power on completing that, until later in the weekend, when I had to re-engage the brain cells to interview 5 foster care youth.
How did I make it through you ask? An excellent question. A sweet husband, and a weekend worth of really dumb movies including Tremors (according to Justin it’s a “Bacon” classic, and here I was thinking that was a BLT [pause for sympathy laughter]), the Scorpion King (the rock at his best, and worst, but really people, I would skip this one), and the Prince of Persia, which I actually genuinely enjoyed. Round all that off with a  special viewing of Practical Magic last night, which I frankly just found mostly disturbing, and that my friends is why I had no brain. Clearly, by the length of this explanation I’m sure some of you are thinking that it is still missing, but ahh well. Tuesdays.

It was a good thing that I spent most of my workday today trying to match fonts to an image I was working with. I don't know if my itty bitty brain could have handled much else.

Ps, did you know that there is a font called Hobo STD? SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Clearly someone dropped the ball in the font naming department.



Simini said...

ooo nice reds and greens! I like!

And I totally watched Practical Magic last week. At night. All by myself. And completely freaked myself out. Not a fan.

AND... STD= standard in typographer speak (see I did learn something in my class). Though still... terrible way to shorthand it. Also I'm told Hobo STD is one of those taboo fonts. So perhaps it's named correctly...

Lonestarcasie said...

The movie Practical Magic is almost nothing like the book. And somehow (and this disturbs me a little), I recall liking the movie better. It was all a long time ago, so I don't know why....

Heather said...

hahahaha. funny how that works isn't it! :)