Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a NOT boring girl and a bribe.

Isabella Fiore Bag via ebay: $32 (this bag is originally $350!!!) - Marc Jacobs wide-leg Khakis via eBay: $17 (another $150 steal!) - Old Navy Ruffle Tank: $5 - Frye Cream Flats via eBay: $27 - Urban Outfitters Cardigan, from freshman year! 
Good news, I got my first official/not official job offer today! Not sure if I’ll take it, but I’m sure some of the credit goes to these excellent pair of pants and very nerdy glasses I wore to the interview. Actually I didn’t wear the glasses, but you can bet I wanted to.

Also, believe it or not, I already have a pretty stinking sweet GIVEAWAY all set up and ready to roll, but I need more followers before I can justify doing it. Because, you see, if there was only ten of you in the giveaway, while your odds would be friggin amazing, where would be the incentive to share my amazing wit with all of your friends and family? (Honestly I am just trying to get one of my sisters to follow me! –Tay, Sarah, Paige, Toria, seriously where is the loyalty guys?!) For reals though, it is an awesome sauce giveaway that will make you smile from ear to ear! Literally. So the goal is 50 followers! Spread the word, of the awesome sauce giveaway will commence as soon as we’ve reached 50 followers on that little button up there.

Anywho, all these professional outfits I’ve been wearing lately have left me feeling a little boring. And I promise, I’m not boring. A little crazy? Yes. A little wordy? Yes. A little overzealous? Definitely. By most certainly not boring. So I’ve decided to showcase some of the outfits I’ve worn over the last month and a half ish, that were NOT boring, but didn’t make the blog, mainly because I was so super busy with school that I didn’t get to post anything! So. Here they are (drum roll please....) my very NOT boring outfits of the last month and a half ish! Eat your heart out. (Perhaps I shouldn't use phrases that I don't really get.)


Ps. Sorry these photos are so grainy. I have no idea whats going on with blogger. :(

I actually wore this little ditty yesterday! No interviews, so I got to spice it up a bit!
Black Maxi: F21, $10 - Zebra-striped Cardigan, Old Navy via eBay, $7 - Vintage leather Belt - Earrings: F21, $3.50 - Frye Leather Flats via eBay, $27
Aren't these pants stinking awesome?!?! I wore this outfit to a trip to Salt Lake to see Justin's brothers!
Yellow JCrew Matchstick Cords via eBay: $5! ( I know! I couldn't believe it either!) - Jean shirt via eBay: $5 - Sperry Topsliders via eBay: $25! Old beanie :)
Pictures of my sexy husband from the same trip, just to make you jealous. :)

I wore this fun number to church in April. - Vintage Black Dress via eBay: $9 - Purple tights from Target sale: $4 - Gray Seychelles leather pumps via eBay: $19 - Vintage necklace via eBay: $6

Another church number, and the first time my legs had seen the sun in about 5 months!
Floral F21 Skirt via eBay: $7 - Black JCrew Ruffle Cardigan via online sale: $14 - Robin's Egg Leather Belt via eBay: $3
Booya folks. Booya.


MayRay said...

Heather, you blog!? How did I now know this? Aaah consider yourself stalked.

Carrian said...

So purty!

Shiree said...

Love the outfits! It makes me feel borning,I need to take some lessons!