Tuesday, May 24, 2011

wonder of wonders...

Lace Dress: Modcloth sale, $20
Red belt: Kohls
Shoes: Bandilo via eBay, $18
Sunday's Outfit
Miracles of miracles, I got Justin to go to yoga with me tonight. The 121st reason why he’s so amazing, though admittedly, he only agreed to go on the condition that he was allowed to bring his ear buds and listen to his book. Bless his sweet little heart; he was so stiff from lifting that he could barely reach his toes.

I went to the doctor today for a bump that has been developing on my neck. I’ve been telling Justin that it’s my twin, but he finally decided it wasn’t funny, and made me get myself to a doctor where I learned it’s nothing more than a stress slash cold induced infected lymph node. Which means, I should probably get more sleep, and cut out the stressful stuff. So basically I should take a trip to the beach and do nothing but drink lemonade and read young adult novels. But let’s just keep my love for youth fiction between us though shall we?


ps, I would feel awful if I didn’t also ask you all to keep a prayer in your heart for the people of Missouri who were touched by the disaster there. It’s so sad and humbling to think of the combination of pain, suffering and strength that inevitably accompanies situations like these. Tell your loved ones you love them tonight.


Tanyabell said...

great dress!

Amber S said...

Thanks for all your kind comments on my cards! You're so sweet. I am actually terrified of birds! So I never would have made those cards without that challenge and I never would have bought those stamps - they came in a larger set!

Those ATCs were not cloth, but cardstock. I guess spraying them with the mist just softened them enough to look like it?

Thaks for stopping by the blog. I love your style and fashion on here!

Style & Poise said...

Cute Vintage Lace dress.....Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog and Congrats on the new job!!


Emily said...

Cute, cute! And I love how your hair curls. Darling.
Keeping MO in my prayers.

Laura said...

Really like your outfit and the shoes are so cute!

Cindy said...

Your hair looks so cute short. I admit I've been fighting back the urge to chop again. *bites fingernails*