Wednesday, May 25, 2011

welcome to hump day friends.

Dress: Thrifted, $3
Cardigan: H&M via eBay, $11
Wedges: Colin Stuart via eBay, $17
Earrings: Hand painted! gift

And the end of my summer shenanigagaling (like that? I just invented a new word). I officially start my new job tomorrow. Did I mention that I took a job? Well I did. I’m a little nervous (especially about working regular 8 hour job) but excited. 

No more lazy afternoons making crafts and watching Netflix instant play, which honestly, is probably all for the best. The poor puppies are going to be so sad! We’ve enjoyed our lazy, sunshine days together the past two weeks. Ahh well.

Wish me luck, and do something frivolous for me today!



Lissa said...

Congrats on the new job, Heather! And I absolutely LOVE everything about that outfit...and your hair too! :o)

Beth said...

Thanks for the comments! (SKD Crafts and BethAnne) That ruffled dress would look so great on you! They're seriously SO super easy, you could totally make one.

We'll be working on both blogs since they've been a little rejected lately. Hopefully you'll pop back by again. :)


Tanyabell said...

you are too your outfit and your style!

Sylvia C. Hall said...

hey there,
so nice to meet ya!
love the blue and yellow together.

good luck at your new job! what kind of position is it? something where fabulous dressing will be appreciated, I hope! ;)

Renée said...

Hi, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I credit Kristine or Polly for 100% of my pattern mixing inspiration. She is so great at it.

I absolutely adore your outfit here, especially your cute painted earrings. It looks so fun and springy, like you should be riding a bike with a puppy in a basket on the handlebars...


Julie said...

Hooray for employment! Also, I LOVE your shoes. Love. I may have to ebay stalk for a pair of my own.

Carrian said...

Love that whole outfit, but especially the shoes and earrings. Just go ahead and drop them off anytime :)