Monday, May 23, 2011

my many hairs.

Striped t-shirt: $5 from Old Navy
 Striped Blazer: Michael Kors via eBay
Cargo Capris: Anthropologe sale $20 (yes they are the same pair I wore in my last post. 
They are so comfy, I bought 2 colors. So there).
Flats: Nina $7 via eBay

So I got a haircut on Friday. The secretish part of it is that I hadn’t had a haircut in 6 months. That is the amazing thing about having short hair. You can go six months without a cut, and people will just think you’re going for the “cool beachy mop” look. Though, I could be wrong there, so don’t quote me on that.

Either way, my hair has always been an important part of my “look” and I feel often represents little bits of my personality. Over the last few years, my poor hairs have been through quite a lot (sorry some of these pictures are from camera phones) though I'm not sure what that says about my personality:

The messy student hair, in a variety of colors.

The sleeker “I do actually do try and style my hair once in a blue moon” look, again, in a variety of colors

The “I’m not sure if I’m a bob, or just need a trim, but you best bet I’m curly” look

 The ultimate pixie that I was sporting last thanksgiving.

The pixie, as it got longer and shaggier... 


And the rocking cut I got on Friday.

I think the pixie might just possibly be my favorite. A girl with a pixie is automatically assumed to be chic, and uber confident. They also assume that she is spunky, fun and smart because…It takes her five minutes to do hair, two if she wore a beanie to bed. Her hair almost always looks healthy. And, if she grows it out right, she can go six months between cuts, though this isn’t necessarily recommended unless you are a starving college student.

Remember though, the key to a great cut, is a great stylist. If anyone in Utah is looking for someone who does a killer job, email me, and I can put you in touch with the chica who does my hair, Eliza!

Ahh hair, we love it, and we love to hate it. But it is so fun! Anyone else have a favorite style?

-New hairs Heather


Shiree said...

love it! Although I'm a fan of the short 5 minute do myself!

Short Sister Style said...

I've always wanted a pixie cut! It looks great! Very Audrey Hepburn.


Amanda* said...

I love your haircut! So chic!

oisercage said...

Hey Heather,
Thanks for stopping by. It's beautiful over here. Your combos inspire me to be even more adventurous!! Love the stripes on stripes look here.

Angela said...

Love your style! You definitely pull off the pixie chop really well. Great blog. :)

Carrie said...

I love your hair! I've always loved pixie cuts, but I don't have the guts to try it.
It looks so good I'm tempted though... :)

Debbie Baker Burns said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Cute haircut! And I love the red shoes. I scrolled down and listened to Florence + the machine...very catchy, in fact, I predict it will now be stuck in my head, but in a good way! Debbie

Claire said...

seriously, you look great with ALL these haircuts and colors. i'm amazed at your ability to be such a chameleon (and look good!).

i had a pixie once and it was more work than long hair because i'd have to put product in it. with the long hair it's wash and go (though my current bangs make it a tad more maintenance)

Tanyabell said...

You look AMAZING! Great cut and outfit! I'm always drawn to short cuts, even though, now mine is at the middle of my back. ha

meijo's JOY said...

Ohh! I have to pick you in blond!!! Totally stunning!

AJBrush said...

Loving this post! It was so fun to see that every style really looked good! You can't say that about most people!


Rachel said...

I love your hair short! It looks good every way you showed.. but short just super extra cute. Is it naturally curly?

Laura said...

love that spotted skirt!

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