Monday, May 16, 2011

gym sequins.

Blazer: $10 via eBay
Striped blouse: $10 via JCrew online sale
Pencil Skirt: $12 via VS online sale
Heels: $19 via Kohls online

It’s been a lovely day today, even though I haven’t been very productive. I did however make it to the gym! I usually go to power pump on Monday and Wednesdays, but we wanted to go to a friend’s house tonight, so I went earlier with Justin and Jeff. Jeff is Justin’s cousin, and he and his wife Emilee live next door to us! I’ll have to get some pictures of Em for you guys, she has such amazing style!

Anyhow, we had a bit of an adventure today at the gym; I had just finished my cardio, and had gone to lift some weights while the boys finished their workout, when this really beautiful girl walked into the window room (the big classroom with mirror and window walls) in clear high heels, and started walking around the room, stopping now and then to hit a pose. She was in amazing shape, but continued to lose progressively more and more clothing until she was just down to a bikini top and a pair of shorts. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but I do live in Orem, Utah, and it’s not really a normal thing to see when you’re at gold’s gym trying to get your workout on. 

Anyways, when she took her shorts off, revealing a truly itty bitty tiny weenie sequined bikini bottom, I was getting more and more confused, so I went to ask J&J (my cute nickname for Justin and Jeff) what was going on. They told me that it looked like she was practicing for a body builder competition, and asked me if I recognized her. It was at that point that I realized that she was the girl that Justin kind of sort of stopped going out with in order to go out with me! Serious right now. So serious. So I asked Justin “regretting your decision now?” and we all had a good laugh. Seriously though. How random is that?

So, this is a "Sunday" outfit I rocked this weekend. I actually designed the whole thing around the shoes. All items are again via eBay, and online steals! Isn’t that just the coolest? By the way, I just finished taking pictures for a post I’m planning on how to search successfully on eBay, so stay tuned for some serious eBay tutorials!

Have a lovely, booty rockin day!



Marella said...

Amazing outfit!
Looooove your blog, really inspiring!
Following! Follow back? <3

Angela said...

Great outfit. Just found your blog.

Method Clothe

The Style Dossier said...

Hey your hair so cute and great for summer! That story made me laugh that was so random and sounds like something that would happen to me :) Can't wait to read about your eBay tips


Hayley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! love your outfit and cant believe the prices! what a funny story as well!

No Model Lady said...

I had the EXACT same experience at the Golds Gym in VA!! Awkward tidbit...when she bent down to do a pose I saw that she used a tanning bed that left 2 distinct white lines under each *ahem* cheek. I had to laugh;)

Laura said...

I love your skirt and your cardigan!

Born To Be Styled

Becca said...

love love love love love your floral shoes.

H. said...

I love this outfit & the shoes are amazing!


andie jaye said...

ooohhh nooo.... what an odd thing to happen, right?? i love that outfit though...very classy in a maureen o'hara way (one of my fave older actresses)) andiejaye