Wednesday, June 8, 2011

boo ya cowboy.

Jean Blouse: $5 via eBay
Shorts: F21 via eBay $5 (Made in the morning right before work - consequently, made them a little to short but...)
Shoes: Anthropologie via eBay $10
Bandana: free from Brad's Pirate Party
Shellsea over at "Love Shellsea" is very busy this week moving in to a new space, so I was lucky enough to get to do a guest post for her while she gets settled in. Catch me gabbing about belts and lipstick HERE!

Speaking of blog writing, have you guys ever been to the rodeo and seen the event when they try to catch the little calf and tie its feet as fast as they can and shoot their arms out to side as soon as they finish? I've realized it's alarmingly similar to how I write a post. I click the last key and shoot my hands out to the side, and shout "DONE" at the top of my lungs, then wait for Justin to clap, or congratulate me for how fast I've done it. :) Seriously though, I get such a feeling of accomplishment when I'm done, and I don't even need a horse. So there cowboy. So there.


It case you had any doubts that I'm a little weird, this picture should put those to rest.

This is what happens when you try to take outfit pics and talk to your neighbor at the same time. 


Lissa said...

Your comparing blog writing to calf roping has had me giggling for like 5 minutes! Thank you! :o) Such a cute, comfortable looking outfit! I am quite sure you have hear this 1,479 times, but red lipstick was made for you!! Gorgeous!

Miss Celeste said...

ummm you look EXACTLY like my old roomie

haha and you also sound liek you have the same personality

twins separated at birth?

why yes i think so.

AlphabetSoup Style

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I want to steal every pair of shoes that you own. And if only I could pull off red lipstick like that! Absolutely Amazing!

Meredith said...

we need to be friends. friends share lipstick and shoes, right? ;)

Leah said...

Wow - red is YOUR color :-) Also love the chambray shirt. Great summer ensemble!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

hahaha I just pictured it- Good job on the post :)

Heather said...

you guys are so sweet! and of course Meredith! Friends totally share. I'm pretty sure its down in the friends handbook.


Young People in Love said...

You look straight outta a magazine! So bomb rockin! Yup. You like that? I said bomb rockin :)

Aida said...

okay, wow, your shoes are friggin amazing. i never realized that you could look so cute wearing stuff from eBay.. i'm definitely gonna have to start reading your tips on how to pick out clothes from eBay!