Thursday, January 26, 2012

sweater weather.

VS military jacket via online sale more here / Anthro boots via online sale /
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag gifted here / Thrifted sweater $3 / DC denim skinnies, gifted /
 F21 necklace /  Target boot socks $8 for 2
Well if finally snowed here in Utah for about a day, and now it is raining again. I swear, this weather can't make up its' mind. The good news is I can wear a heavy sweater without getting too hot. Which is kind of big deal over here. 

In other news, work has been crazy. I've been doing the company shuffle late into the evening this month, which seems to leave me feeling too drained to do anything except hula hoop and watch Netflicks, including getting dress. I'm finding that slopping jane has been making an appearance more than usual lately (she types in a too-short robe and hair going on day 5 of a no-wash run. tmi? Maaybe).

Justin is in anatomy and if it doesn't kill him, I  think he will really enjoy it. 

Other than crazy insane work and school schedules, things have pretty much calmed down over here, which hopefully will allow me a little more time for fun things like blogging. :)

hope everything is well in everyone else's world. 



Sooji said...

Cute eye catching bag, i love it! & I love your hairstyle too!!!

ATW said...

love your bag!!

i like your blog.. it's so authentic! i'm following you!

Brandi said...

Just discovered your blog from "mormon fashion bloggers" ;) ok...I hate to admit it...but my favorite thing about your outfit is this amazing sweater! and it was $3??? wow...its sooooo cute! But this outfit is perfect!