Friday, July 6, 2012

a weekend and a holiday

Pics via instagram @lifeofapasseri, @jsluczak
A few pics from our trip to Idaho this weekend, and our Fourth of July. 

Apparently Justin and I are 80 years old, or perhaps our little hike with the puppies wore us out (in which case we would still be 80 years old), because we both were so tired and much to lazy to go find some fireworks Wednesday night. 

Still. I'm so grateful to live in this country. The freedom we enjoy is such a blessing and a privilege. 

Plus, where else could you find a ceramic elephant for $3?

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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Meredith Paulson said...

Idaho is so beautiful! I just moved away a few months ago, and am surprised to say that I am kind of missing it. I have never been disappointed with the sights there. Such fun pictures!