Tuesday, July 3, 2012

die car die.

Shoes: Frye via 6pm.com here / Top: Thrifted / Dress: F21 / Bag: Thrifted /
Belt: Asos, came with this skirt / Earrings: F21
I'm so sick of car problems. I feel like our cars have sucked at least eight years out of our life. I can't believe how much it is to fix these stupid things. Will someone just invent teleporting already?

Ok thanks.

Justin just gave me the great news that his car will be 1k+ to fix. And were we just dropped that much on my car, and have a baby coming in a month (and I would like to be able to take some time off), that just 'ain't gonna happen'.

It is hard too, because early in our marriage, Justin fancied himself quite the race car driver, and really put his car through the ringer, so in times like these, when you really need to come together, it can sometimes be easy to point fingers and get upset with each other.

I'm sure there is some very important lesson for me to learn in all of this, and with all the fires round these parts, I suppose I should just be grateful we have a car to drive, that isn't burnt to the ground.

But maybe then, insurance would cover it... 

...I think I look a lot like my mom in these pics. So at least that's nice.


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Love your outfit. And I think I audibly groaned when I read about your car. Ugh. Good luck with everything.