Monday, May 21, 2012

though they may make you look rounder...

Top: JCrew sale, $14 /  Pants:, $6 / Shoes: Steve Madden via eBay /
 Necklace: / Belt: Express via eBay
Hey, remember this top from way back when before I had a belly the size of a kickball? Well turns out it also meets my two main criteria for getting dressed these days. Plus, I'm not too worried about stretching it out, as I could have fit a whole other person inside of it before I was pregnant (which is basically what I'm doing now right?).

And can I just say, I that while I know there are a lot of pregnant women out there who seem to be able to get by still wearing super low-cut jeans instead of maternity jeans, it still completely baffles me. I was lucky to nab these babies from for 6 bucks, but I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be to wear regular jeans when you are pregnant.

Even before I was pregnant, if I had even a slight hint, or suggestion of "hangover" with a pair of pants, I couldn't wear them. And although I realize that there is a very big difference between jiggly hangover, and baby hangover, I still can't get myself to be OK with it. All those speeches from mom about wearing clothes that fit must have really done a number on me.


Emily Baker said...

such a lovely preggo you are :)

tandaschroeder said...

You are adorable! You make a fabulous pregnant woman. Love your blog.

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♥ xoxo.

Past Tense of Draw said...

Oh but you look so stinking cute! (I know I'm late on this and there's no more baby hangover anymore :) but I'm just catching up)