Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I can't even say.

I can hardly begin to tell you about this weekend. There really are no words. Let me try and paint a picture:

On our first vacation together since our honeymoon, our AC goes out 2 hours outside of Vegas. Picture a 8 month pregnant woman driving in a dark car in 105 degree heat. A sweet supportive husband, who keeps saying how sorry he is, even though it isn't his fault. Once in Vegas, we spend another hour looking for and checking into our hotel.

Cirque du Soleil, KA was amazing. 

Since the next day is Saturday, we spend he whole day looking for a mechanic to see our car. Drove to AAMCO only to find it was closed, but that I AM mechanic, next door was open. Found out our AC compressor and condenser, which also happened to be attached to the same belt as the water filter and engine were completely blown and would take 1k or more to fix. 

Hung out at the Trump pool. The sweet mechanic spent 6+ hours, after hours, on a Saturday fixing our car. Gardens at the Bellagio, Ceasars Palace. Heading home, and hour and half out out of Vegas, the AC starts blowing hot air. We pull over to find the new compressor and belt smoking. Call the mechanic, who says if we can stay, he will fix it the next day. 

Monday rolls around, where we would spend 9 hours in the mechanic's lobby. There Justin and I catch up on our reading for our Lamaze class, and watch Netflix on his phone.Meanwhile, the new compressor is installed, but the car still refuses to start. Our amazing new friend spend another two hours, figuring out what could possibly be wrong with our car, and gets 2 new parts to fix the problem. An hour later, he sends us on our way, not even letting us pay him for the extra parts, or the time he spent installing them. 

This weekend was the best, most worst weekend I have ever experienced. 

A couple of things I have learned from this weekend:

-I can smile, even when I don't want to. 

-I don't really like Vegas all that much. 
-People go to Lamaze class because they don't read the book.
-There are such good people in the world.
-My husband is the sweetest, most kind wonderful man I have the blessing to know.
-Vacationing is not all it cracked up to be.
-I love spending time with the wonderful man I married, even when I hate what I'm doing.
-There are such good people in the world. Seriously.


Mandy Crandell said...

It's those best worst trips that make us stronger... and remind us which cities/states to never visit again. Haha. :)

Julie said...

Dang. Sounds like an adventure nonetheless!

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

i think it's so amazing that you can see the good in these kinds of situations! the eternal optimist.