Thursday, April 19, 2012

random thoughts on pregnancy.

Skirt: Asos, $30 / Top: F21, $20 / Shoes: Frye via eBay, $20 /
Bag: Carla Mancini via eBay, $30
I've been strangely resistant to the idea of getting a big pregnancy belly. I know it is inevitable, but still.

Apparently, being pregnant makes your skin a lot more sensitive. I've been sporting these leg burns since our Mexico trip. yay.

There are soooo many opinions about labor and delivery. I don't even know where to begin. So I haven't.

That said, I think I might be a little bit in denial.

Maybe I am the only woman in the world who feels this way, but I am really NOT down with the bigger boobies who have made getting dressed that much more difficult.

Skirts are my favorite.

Even though we are sooo not ready and you are already stressing me out of my mind, I already love you my little parasite.


Sally said...

Heather, can I just say that you are amazing. Even though I'm not pregnant and don't plan on being pregnant for a long, LONG time I totally connect with you. It's nice to finally see somebody that is so real about the whole process instead of turning into some kind of crazy person buying strollers that cost more than a car and taking pregnancy pictures before their stomach even shows. Gag. I appreciate your honesty and I hope I can be the same when and if the time comes. Oh and P.S. I LOVED your comment about busy bodies that ask why you're not pregnant yet. How about mind your own business, am I right? I've only been married a year and half almost and I get that. People can be so insensitive at times. Anyway, sorry for the novel, just thought you should know that I love this.

Laura and Adam said...

You are adorable pregnant! Your lil peanut is lucky to have you as their mom!

Julie said...

Pregnant women are some of the most beautiful. Honest to goodness. And you are no exception.

justin said...
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Amy and Mike said...

we are so excited for you! life is definitely according to God's plans, and we have to trust his wisdom. Much love!