Friday, April 27, 2012

happy birthday

Blazer: Thrifted, $4 / Sweater: Gap via Soel Swap, $10 / Belt: Urban Outfitters /
Pants: Urban Outfitters via eBay / Flats: Gap via eBay
So last week Justin turned old. Not really old, but older... When we were first dating, I would try to freak Justin out by saying things like, "When you started High School, I was still in elementary school" or "When you were learning to ride a bike, I was still in my mothers womb." That one usually got him. But it could of just been my use of the word womb. It's kind of a weird word.

Enough with my ramblings though! Happy Birthday my wonderful man. I love you, and will love you even when you get old and incontinent! You are one of the very best people I know, and I am so beyond lucky to have you!

Love, Me.

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Dearest Lou said...

Can't believe that blazer is thrifted! For only $4?! What a steal! Would love if you checked out my Thursday link party or thriftfanatics page (;