Monday, April 30, 2012

weekend in review

Top: Antro via eBay / Jeans: Joe's via eBay / Pumps: Seychelles via eBay / Earrings: F21
I had a crazy dream last night that my boss' dog (a full grown Mastiff) got into our apartment, and pooped all over out living room floor (dogs are a constant fixture at my work). I've never had a dream that stank so bad (literally) and once again, I'm going to avoid thinking too much about the possible interpretations of my dreams.

This was the first weekend in a long long while that Justin hasn't had to go to the anatomy lab, or do homework the whole time! We went birthday shopping, had a little birthday BBQ with close friends, and did some much needed cleaning.

Speaking of birthday BBQ's, I sent Justin to pick us up meat for the party, and just as we are getting ready to throw it on the grill, our friend says "why did you bring a pot roast?" Yup. A pot roast. Justin had unintentionally bought us a pot roast to grill. His only explination was "Well it was big and cheap!" But we grilled it we did, and I must say, it was pretty tasty.

So apparently, we are big and cheap.

Again, NOT going to look too deep into this.


Julie said...

It was good seeing you guys! Laughed so hard that night, the pot roast only being one of the many reasons. Hope to see more you two this summer. Also, LOVE the shoes. And that top was made for you.

Emily said...

Perfectly cute outfit! Pretty impressed that you grilled a pot roast!! Wow.