Wednesday, November 9, 2011

stripe love & trash day?

Striped dress $14 via eBay / vintage belt via eBay here / Thrifted briefcase $5 here /
Vintage silk scarf $3 via eBay more here / Tights $4 via Kohls / Steve Madden boots $20 via eBay
Can we talk for just a minute about vertical stripes?! I feel like there has been all this hub bub lately about their more popular cousin, the horizontal stripe, that poor vertical stripe has gotten the ugly stepsister treatment.

Not that horizontal stripes aren't lovely (clearly I'm a big fan), but honestly, they can be more difficult to pull off, while vertical stripes are much more universally flattering. 

Just saying. Let's have some vertical stripe love shall we?

And what are everyone's thoughts on these boots? They are a challenge piece for me. I haven't worn them hardly at all, because I find that high heeled boots are actually much harder for me to wear/style. So what are your thoughts? 

Keep, or "take out the trash?" You can vote below!


Mary and Dyer said...

I LOVE this look!! It is so stylish with the knee socks and the funky dress and fun scarf!! And the boots are my favorite part of the whole outfit!! So cute! :)


Carrie said...

Like how you broke up the stripes with the scarf. And those boots - definitely a keeper. :)

Carrie said...

You definitely need to keep those boots! they're fantastic!!
And I really like your hair in these photos. :)
<3 Carrie

Sherri said...

You look great!! I'm a fan of vertical stripes! And I say definitely keep the boots. I think they are versatile and could go with pretty much anything!

Lost&Found said...

Hi! I just found out about your blog via Young People in Love, and I love it! And this outfit, seriously, I love the whole thing! I'm a big fan of stripes, horiz and vertical, and lots of layering. And, can I just say, I need to shop with you! I am amazed the the deals you found and how well the whole outfit turned out! Can't wait to keep reading more of your blog!


Elisabeth said...

I LOVE this dress! such a great outfit!
and you photograph so well, gorgeous :)