Thursday, November 17, 2011

RIP Suishi.

Vintage breifcase $5 thirfted here / Striped top thrifted, more stripes here /
Brown pumps from high school here / Anthro pants$20 via online sale here / Gap cardigan
We came into work today to find our team fish "Suishi" dead. It was very sad. He lived about 6 months, and fought the good fight, but I think our office might have been just a little too cold for him. Because he was a Beta fish, I composed a Haiku in his honor. 

farewell dear fish, thy
last bubbles leave air pockets
in my lonely heart.
In happy news, I participated in Gentri Lee's package pall party! My package pall was Brooke from Australia! I've always wanted to visit Australia but have never had the chance. Though I hear it can get a little warm. Justin and my romance actually all began during a video about Australia watched in geography class. 

Best class I ever took.
For more package pall fun:


Natasha Atkerson said...

Cute shoes!
A Modest Fashion Blog:

L!$@ said...

What can I say? We Australians are awesome! :D

skippysays said...

Poor fishy :( On a happier note- love this look, especially the button down!