Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sunnies make the world go round.

Ralf Lauren vintage blouse $2 thrifted here / Gap sweater $10 via swap /
JCrew cords $14 via jcrew.com sale / Poetic License flats $20 via eBay here /
Vintage sunnies thrifted / Thrifted earrings / Vintage briefcase $5 thrifted here

I've decided that the key element to putting together "glamorous" look, is a pair of oversize sunnies. Also, no one can tell if you are staring, or even sleeping as long as you can avoid drooling or snoring, so that is always a big plus. Though to really pull of sleeping without anyone knowing, I think I would need a darker tint.

Anyone else have a "glamor" piece?



Sherri said...

I love vintage shades! My 'glam' piece is heels. Add heels to any outfit and it turns it drab to shab :)

Lonestarcasie said...

I am all about the arm party lately. Lots of bracelets. Just makes you look drippy with sparkles.


Lost&Found said...

I LOVE all of your outfits! And the sunnies are a definite must have. They're great with mother-in-laws too. At least if they're like mine and have a tendency to talk so much she puts you to sleep :) seriously though, it's happened. more than once.


Carrie said...

My glamor piece is a statement necklace. Fast and easy way to dress up a plain tee and jeans. :)

Gentri said...

So cute- as always. And that's why I love sunglasses. I also wear them when I look a little scary- problem solved. Haha

And I know I'm such a paaaaaiiin, and I know you're busy, but could you send me your package pal info? I need to get the post put together.

Elisabeth said...

love the sunglasses - and love the deep red in your shirt they match.

as for my fashion statement - its earrings, id always rather wear earrings than any other piece of jewelry ...and the bigger the better :)

your newest follower,