Wednesday, October 26, 2011

paint the town black.

vintage dress via eBay here / cognac Pink Studio pumps via eBay / vintage stole via eBay /
gold disk necklace via Soel / Banana Republic clutch via Soel Swap / thrifted sunnies
I wore this outfit to a show Justin and I went to in Salt Lake. I felt kind of like I was playing dress up. But isn't that half of the fun in going to a fancy show anyway? And what is more classic than a black dress? 

Justin and I have really been needing a little break. We both work most of the day, and then most evenings, Justin has school, and doesn't get home until late, and although I know our lives are relatively easy, the grueling schedule really does take an emotional toll.  That is why these special little trips are so important. 

Good time together is the best kind of medicine.


Anyone else love dress up? Like stepping into another world isn't it?


FrancescaGatti said...

You look gorgeous!
I absolutely love dressing up, you can just feel fantastic for one night. xx

Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

Gorgeous Lady! I absolutely adore the little flip in your bangs. You look fab.

Been there with the crazy work and school schedules. My Hubby graduated in June and this summer we made up for all the weekends we lost because he had projects due, by heading out of town, somewhere, anywhere (with our kiddo) pretty much every week. Now we're faced with a different challenge of him finding a job, but making the most of our together time!

Gentri said...

You look perfect! What show did you see??? :D

Carrie said...

You look so polished and beautiful! I love dressing up, especially if there's somewhere fun to go. And special date nights are the best. :)

<3 Carrie

rebecca said...

THIS! is oh so chic. You look amazing! Black looks so fabulous and classic on you.


Mandy Crandell said...

Whoa! If I could whistle and make cat calls via the internet, I would. You look fabulous!!/MandyCrandell