Monday, October 24, 2011

tech savvy.

it too hard to write captions on me pad, so you'll just have to wait for tomorrow.
I know, how will you sleep?!
Justin is going to be so excited to know that I am writing this post while sitting in bed, propped up against my pillows and all tucked in, using my touchpad! something called screen share or what not.

Truth be told though, it would probably be about ten bazillion times easier for me to just walk the 15 feet from  here into the other room and do this on our regular old computer.

But that wouldn't make my husband as happy. 

And it would require me to get out of my warm, lovely bed, which we all know is not going to happen.

So, just be amazed at my wondrous tech skillz.

Or my extraordinary laziness.

Hey, if the shoe fits...


ps. did you know I can also turn the computer off using this app? Without getting out of bed? Oh technology. Look what you've done to me. Now all I need are some of those clapper lights and I'll be set.


rebecca said...

I love your little sweater vest! Adorable.


Anonymous said...

Your outfit is too too cute! I love that hat on you :)
Technology really does spoil us doesn't it?