Thursday, October 27, 2011

a fresh perspective.

JCrew top via eBay / knitted hat via eBay / refashioned dress turned skirt via eBay /
Kenneth Cole leather flats via eBay here / thrifted vintage sunnies and bag / anthro earrings
So I'm sitting here and Heather hands me her laptop and says, "here honey you right me a post"

what?. . . .First I laugh. . . .then I think, "I can't write a post for her blog shes all witty and fun and I am boring she'll lose all her followers in one fail swoop". .. . .third reason I shouldn't be writing this particular post. . . . . ready for it. . . . I'm not a fan of the outfit. 

I told Heather that last one. (fill free to boo me ladies)

Now Heather is beautiful and adorable but sometimes she wears crazy things. 

At this point I've learned not to be the sitcom husbands that says, "you look great" when she asks, just because I think that's what she wants to hear. 
(Guy's if your reading) I've learned that quick honest feed back is the way to go or she will just keep bugging you  tell she gets it :P 
So I told her that I thought the green hat (though she looks awesome in hats)  paired with stripped shirt and blue skirt. mmmmmmm just doesn't seem to work for me. Feel free to comment away and tell me I'm wrong ;)

The great thing about it is no matter what I say, if she likes it she still wears it, cuz she is cool like that! 

Sometimes it even helps her figure out that she really does like it.  So every one enjoy, that is all.



L!$@ said...

Ha ha this is awesome! Love the honesty Justin :D Also love that you (Heather) don't really care if he likes it or not and will still wear it :D

CC said...

I'm with you Justin, I'm not feeling the hat with this outfit!

natasha {schue love} said...

I adore your flats! Super cute outfit!