Thursday, May 30, 2013

we have beautiful friends who sometime let us take their pictures.

Every once in a blue moon, you make a friend that changes you. Maybe not in a big obvious in-your-face ways, but in substantial, simple ways, over time, so you barely noticed it happening it at all.

And then they move. And you realize that they've changed you. They've changed the way you look at things.

Like bunnies, peonies, or pagan holidays.

And you feel just a little bit robbed. Robbed that they moved away, and that you didn't notice the changes while they were here.

But they have been here. They've done their work, and now you'll never be able to listen to a George Michael song the same way again.

Brad and Julie, we love you. We miss you. The people of Mississippi are lucky have you. Watching & being a part of your journey has been the pleasure of a lifetime.


Julie said...

You're making me cry! Cut it out! Ugh. I miss you guys too. You took some awesome photos of us. We are so lucky you offered. Can't thank you enough. And Halloween is going to be lousy this year. We need to set up a Skype date.

Karen Petersen said...

Love all these photos!

MyMommyStyle said...

So beautiful!! Makes me miss home so much!! I can't wait to finally move back to Utah!!
Cassia ~