Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the last few weeks & a paleness that never dies.

Shoes:  Cole Haan via eBay (similar here) | Earrings: Target | Lipstick: ELF $3 Matte
Lipstick in Blood Red (Sold at Target) | Nail Polish: Essie | Dress: $40 via Ideeli (Probably my
favorite sample site out there. I find their prices to be more competitive than the others).
The last few weeks. Oh the last few weeks. Haven't exactly been my favorite. I herniated a disk in my lower back shortly after having little J (when they say wait 6 weeks to exercise, it usually is for a reason), and it decided to flare up right at the same time we decided to do a huge content redesign at work.

I am very lucky to have a number of extremely talented people on my team, but where we are a relatively young team, and where they are all still within their first 4 months on the job, a significant amount of the content build was up to me.

Not the best of times to be unable to walk (literally, the first 4 days, I was bent over in half and hobbling like an old lady). AND we had the biggest new hire training group we've ever had. They were so sweet though, and were all concerned about my back, and recommending treatment.

Anyways, we've made it through. I got an epidural steroid shot yesterday (oh the good times we have), and now can start to tackle the next presentation, and the long list of tweaks I want to make to the new program.

And can we talk about how pale I am here? Seriously, you probably had to break out the sunglasses just to read this post.

I've embraced it though. I never really get tan. Not naturally anyways (my family would be more than happy to tell you about the summer I fake-baked and they all called me their "chicana" baby. I was seventeen okay?). Naturally though, I basically go from pale, to bright red, then back to pale.

Pale is the new black though isn't it? ISN'T IT?!?

Hope you are all having a lovely hump day! (who decided to call it that anyways? Kind gross truth be told).


Meredith Paulson said...

I love that dress on you! It looks great with your complexion. No sunglasses needed :)

Julie said...

I think it's much harder for people to pull off pale than tan. And you do it beautifully!

Breenah said...

Love that dress on you! I don't think it'd look quite as amazing if you were tan.