Thursday, September 22, 2011


Sequin sweater, Urban Outfitter's sale / Pleated skirt, thrifted worn here / Belt, Kohls /
Necklace, F21 / Wedges, Steve Madden worn here / Bag, Liz Claiborne
You know you spend too much time at work when you start dreaming about work. You know you spend too much time reading science fiction when you start to have dreams of your work as the nerve center for the human resistance during an alien invasion.

Yes that was my dream last night.

Have you ever read The Host by Stephanie Myers? Before you judge (well I suppose if your going to judge, you’ve already done it so judge away), I really like it much more than the Twilight series. I feel like it is a bit more mature and well developed, which is perhaps why it isn’t nearly as popular.

Anywho, I’ve been listening to the book, so in my dream, alien parasites were taking over the earth, and my work became one of the last strongholds of humanity. Justin had been “taken over” by a parasite, so I had to flee, and ended up falling in love with this guy at my work that I’ve never even talked to. And our head engineer was the leader of the human resistance. And me and my boyfriend were in charge of the grocery shopping.

This raises several disturbing questions:

1. Why am I “in love” with a guy I’ve never even spoken to?
2. Should I be concerned that I am willing to put my life in the hands of our head engineer?
3. Why, in the event of an alien invasion, does my subconscious mind think the extent of my contribution would be grocery shopping?

I’ve decided that it will be best if I don’t look too deeply into the meaning of my dreams.



Carrie said...

I ADORE those yellow shoes! I've been looking for a comfy, cute pair.
Read the Twilight series (except for the last book). I'll have to check the Host out ...
Yes, it's always awkward when people you don't know well play important roles in your dreams! It's a little strange to see them the next day. ;)

Mandy Crandell said...

Haha. Oh goodness. That's a wild dream. Mine are pretty crazy too, because I watch Twilight Zone a lot.!/MandyCrandell

P! said...

BAHAHA!! I love those dreams where you fall in love with somebody you don't know... I always feel uncomfortable when I see them next, like, "Do they know I've dreamed about them?" LOL! I'll have to check out that book- I'm always Stephanie Myers skeptical, because of how poorly the Twilight books are written, but this could prove me wrong!! Thanks for the recommendation! Also, loving your outfit, as always. :) Have a great weekend!

Lacey Parr said...

Too funny! And I like The Host too!!! See you at the Swap tomorrow! :)

Sherri said...

I love that skirt! I have crazy dreams myself. lol. Also, I'm awarding you with the "Tell Me About Yourself" award! Check out this post for more info here

xo Sherri