Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I like me.

Some of you may have read in the past my "I'm a natural beauty" posts. I've decided to make a shift in the cause, to make it a more clear and direct message about promoting healthy self worth. I'm sorry if you were already on the "I'm a natural beauty" list, I hope you will all re-link here! These are my thoughts:

There are too many things in this world that bring people down: unrealistic beauty ideals and ridiculous comparisons; standards and molds that if you don't fit into, people look at you funny and wonder "what is wrong with you?"

This makes me sad.

 Regardless of weight, skin tone, age, or pay grade, you should love yourself for who you are, as you are.

So, by joining this list, you are committing to like yourself. Not just liking yourself, but celebrating yourself, your uniqueness, your difference,  your talents; you. You are committing to really appreciating yourself as you are and trying to avoid comparing yourself to anyone else.

Show your commitment and identify with the group by putting one of these little buttons on your blog sidebar, and  make a practice of writing and noticing things that you like about yourself, and why you like being you. Promote your own healthy self worth, and we can inspire others to do the same!




L'sJourney said...

Thank you sooooo much for this. I was just thinking this morning that I needed to write something that reminded myself how awesome I am.

I will linking to your blog in my next post, if that's ok?

This is Fantastic!


Carrie said...

This is just wonderful! I think that it is such a great idea for women to remind themselves just how great they are, even if they don't fit into the perfect ideal that society pushes. I've linked the button on my page and actually did a post about it! Thanks for doing this Heather!!
<3 Carrie

Heather said...

oh i'm so glad! link away ladies! you don't have to blog a post about it, though I'm all for it for sure! I just want to get the cause out there as much as I can!

Shauntelle said...

This is so important. Thank you for promoting good things like this! :)