Monday, June 20, 2011

honey, I'm home!

Well guys, its 2 in the morning, I'm writing a post and watching a silly show, so I suppose that means we are home and back in action! My house is in pretty much a sweet mess, I've had an uncontrollable craving for caramel corn all day, Trev and Sarah are all moved into the dorms and ready to start school tomorrow, puppies are so excited to have us back, and life is good. 

Texas was great! My sisters are still as silly as ever, which makes my heart so so happy. The day the giggles die would be the saddest day in the world. I found out that its very very hard to blog while on vacation and with my family, but I've decided that everyone should unplug every now and then. I think Justin and I become a little too invested and reliant on our gadgets and knick knacks, so a break was very refreshing!

Now for some delicious little finds that we encountered on our drive home. Enjoy!

You know you are in Texas when...
Isn't he a freaking sexy beast? yeah baby!
Texas landscape = FLAT

Bumble Bee Burgers!!!!! WHAT!!!
I am both intrigued and alarmed at their wide selection. but mostly just alarmed.
I think this bunny has had a bit toooo much espresso.
Starting to see more elevation as we get closer to Utah!

Caravanning it behind Sarah on our way back to Utah!

A true natural beauty picture. I don't wear makeup when traveling.
Lovely Utah mountains!
A train!


Megan and Justin said...

looks like SO much fun! i love road trips :)

ej said...

thank you SO much! your comment made me smile lots and lots. :) also a big fan of road trips.. wish I could document them as well as you! beautiful photos. just posted more on the house if you are interested in partaking..

Sweet Momiji said...

STUNNING pics!! We went to Texas a LONG time ago when I was in 6th grade or close to that... Now that I am much older I would LOVE to go back and really take it in. Thanks so much for sharing your photos.. I love that sink! lol

Erica said...

Haha, I love that sink! And I hardly even check my email, let alone blog, when I'm with my family. You just want to soak up as much together time that sitting in front of a computer, alone, doesn't seem all that appealing. Looks like you had a good trip!

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Aynna banahna said...

You look amazing without the make-up! Don't need it at all. I don't travel with make-up either. I really don't use much make up at all actually...Just mascara most everyday. Maybe concealer, if I have something to conceal.