Monday, June 20, 2011

rah rah rah romper!

Gap cardigan via Gap sale, Vintage romper via eBay
So I sported this little ditty while in Texas! My mom still can't believe that people are wearing rompers again, but it was such a nice an breezy vacay ensembles. Add tie dye t-shirts, cut off shorts, summer dresses, and a fanny pack, and you are set! Is anyone else enjoying the wonders of light summer clothing as much as me? I hope so!

Happy Monday friends!


hurricanekerrie said...

I really want to wear a romper! But I'm one of those people who just needs to use the washroom all the time... (TMI, sorry hehe) You look fab!

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on our blog :) I appreciate it!! You are rockin that romper!! Love it!! I am your newest follower :)


Lissa said...

I love it and that blue color looks incredible on you!!
I wouldn't be making is thru this summer without cute sundresses! :o)

Carrian said...

of course you can pull off a romper!! Hey, you need to request an invite on facebook to the utah bloggers meetup. I'd loooove to see you at the events. (Plus they're free!!)

Carrie said...

That is such an adorable romper! It looks so chic and comfortable at the same time! I'm super jealous and want one too! :)
<3 Carrie at