Sunday, June 12, 2011


To my wonderful, talented little sister Sarah who graduated from high school this weekend!

Sarah, you have accomplished so much in your young life. There are talents in this world which are clear, and easy to see and discover, of which you have many, but even more less obvious, but more valuable talents such as humility, kindness and a cheerfulness, which cost much more to acquire, and which you have in spades. Congratulations my younger, and much more exemplary sister.


ps. the vacation is going great, except for the fact that my wonderful husband thought it would be cool to jump in the lake with my phone in his pocket. Oh how I love this wonderful man.

pps. the MAVS WON!!!! YESSSSS! Just thought you should know. its a great day in the Perkins house.


Simini said...

ahhhhh. I guess that means you didn"t get my happy birthday text messages. so... Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

oh, I speak some english and I really like your comment. I'd like to see you more times in my blog, really nice photos :)