Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Boots: 6pm.com / Pants: Soel Boutique / Blouse: AE of all places /
Jacket: eBay /  Mittens: Asos.com
Justin and I have really been trying to figure out this whole, baby, school working thing balance. It isn't easy, and I often find myself racked with guilt or trying to figure out what we can change or do differently. We've found the first thing to are the extraneous tasks, you know like blogging, haircuts, homework, eating, sleeping or cleaning. So basically we are a bunch of half starved cave dwellers over here.

I've gained a new admiration for families everywhere, and a special appreciation for my wonderful husband, who works so hard to help me in any way he can. And of course the glorious little guy, who can give me one little squinty eyed smile, and I forget about all the trouble he causes.

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kateprs said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's amazing how far one can make clothes go. It makes me feel so silly for feeling the need to "stock up on basics" last year. I really like the colors in your outfit together! Perfect for winter :)

Kate @ A Journey in Style