Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the library.

Top: F21, $20 / Pants: Thrifted, $6 / Bag: Carla Mancini via eBay / 
Watch:   Lucien Picard via eBay $75 / Wedges: Frye via $35
I love the library. Isn't it just crazy that they let you walk out of their doors with armfuls of books! It is like walking out carrying knowledge or something. I always feel so rich when I leave. The only down side is there is always a due date, and sometimes, we forget when that is. And when you walk out of the library with armfuls of books, that can be an unfortunate date to forget.

Ps. these pants have seriously saved my life. I don't think I ever posted them on the blog before I got pregnant, but thanks to their super stretchy waist, they are one of the only pair that can still get past my hips.