Thursday, July 26, 2012

short hair and sunburns that never fade.

Dress: / Shoes: $7 on sale! 
I have a confession: I actually wore this dress a couple of Sundays ago.... But, where I still had pre-short hair pictures left, and a lot of my looks these days consist of leggings and very stretchy skirts, I felt justified in waiting. 

Looking at this picture, I'm beginning to wonder if my legs will ever not look sunburned again. I mean it was March when I got that burn! MARCH I tell you! Where is the justice in that? And I was wearing sunblock. SPF 50. Mother nature is so cruel.

I do realize that while this dress may not be the most practical thing to wear in the middle of the summer, it is incredibly stretchy.

And at this point, stretchy wins out.


The Students Wife said...

that is a really pretty dress. I really like it a lot!


Tiffany said...

Stretchy and adorable! That really stinks about your sunburn. The things we do for our kids . . . : )

andrea brionne said...

you are adorable and i love that dress!!

andrea brionne