Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Old beanie here / Husband's shirt / H&M cardi from Em $10 /
JCrew pants via website sale $14 Enzo Angiolini flats via eBay $22 / Marc by Marc Jacobs
bag gifted by my Aunt (I did a little dance of joy when I found this lovely little guy in the mail!)
The following is a (text) conversation between Justin and I last night. 

"Sometimes I think the the only way to have people's undivided attention is to text them."

"I kind of wish we didn't have cell phones, and just had really fancy long range super walkie talkies instead. They offer fewer distractions.


"Instead of giving out our number, we could just give people our frequency."


"And if there was ever a zombie apocolypse and the phone lines went down, we'd be like, "Hey, no biggie, we got our walkie talkies."

"We can't get rid of phones though, no one would ever be able to get a hold of us, and I don't want to pay for a land line."

"Sounds amazing to me. And can you really put a price on marital bliss?"

"I'll buy you some walkie talkies. And I think some people do."

hmph. I still say I'm on to something. 


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