Thursday, November 3, 2011

body bag.

Tulle pants: $14 / JCrew blouse via online sale: $14 / Fair Isle sweater: via eBay $7
Indigo by Clark pumps via eBay : $22 / Thrifted leather briefcase $5 / F21 earrings
I've gained a new appreciation for women everywhere the last week or so. As a woman not use to experiencing that joyous time that comes only once a month (I can talk about this right? kinda hard to stop me either way),  when it does decide to pay me a visit, I act pretty much like a 4 year old with a cold .

I sprawl out and  moan, and refuse to take medicine, because I am weird like that. I have an irrational fear that if I ever take any aspirin or ibuprofen, I'll burn a hole in my stomach, or they wont work when I really really need it. 

Poor Justin. He just shakes his head, rubs my back and I'm sure wonders when I'm going to put on my big girl pants. 

In other, less disturbing news, I am LOVING this bag! I found it in the briefcase section at the thrift store, and I must say, pretty much the most genius idea I've ever had. It has these awesome sections, and it's huge. You could pretty much hide a body in it, which in my book, makes it just about perfect. Not that I do a lot of body hiding or anything.



Carrie said...

haha I hate that time of the month too! I'm extremely moody.
And I love that bag and your sweater! Super cute!
<3 Carrie

L!$@ said...

I don't like taking anything either unless I really need to. That joyous time of annoying -_-