Wednesday, October 5, 2011

hello ladies...

Top: Anthropologie via the lookbok / Vest: Anthropologie via eBay /
Jeans via Ideeli / Express leather belt
I can't even read that phrase without thinking of the old spice commercials

I hope you have  all been having a lovely week. Justin and I went up to Wyoming this weekend to watch General Conference with my in-laws. 

It. was. lovely. 

Like many out there, I really loved this talk by Elder Uchtdorf given to the women of our church, and this one, also by Elder Uchtdorf in the general session. 

More than anything, I appreciate how conference helps me to re-prioritize my life and give me the motivation and direction to work to become the person I want to be. I'm so grateful to have it twice a year. 



Gentri said...

Conference was so amazing! So glad you were able to experience it w family. :) I'm loving this outfit!! So so cute!! Are you still planning on coming tomorrow??

Sherri said...

Lookin cute as always! Yes..President Uchtdorf's talk was definitely one of my favorites! I'm also so grateful that conference is twice a year. It's such a great blessing!

eliza said...

I need to find that vest for me