Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guest Post: Corinne from The Lookbook!

Hi friends, have you met Corinne from The Lookbook?

 Because you should.

She has killer style, and is super fun and sassy and she was kind enough to guest post for me during this crazy time! Slash, she just opened an awesome shop, where you can get great pieces from her closet. Does it get any better? I think not! Take it away Corinne!

-ps. don't forget to check out the GIVEAWAY!

Hi pretties! Jake and Corinne here visiting our fashion blog, The Lookbook!

We're just your average married students trying to figure out life, marriage, and our personal style. The darling Heather asked me to come and entertain you today with a guest post... So I've put together 8 of my favorite trends this season! I hope you like!

Trend #1... Cropped Tops. I'm convinced they make my shortie legs look 10x longer.

Trend #2... Leopard Print, baby! It's classy not trashy. Also cool... Bright colored belts! This one is from Target for only 12.99. DEAL. They have every color of the rainbow there. Check it out.

Trend #3... Dresses paired with boots. Sassy mixed with some classy.

Trend #4.... Mixing BRIGHT colors. Unexpectedly.

Trend #5... Monochromatic outfits. Perfect for summer! Not good for spaghetti night though.

Trend #6 Bright Blazers. Office-appropriate without being stuffy.

Trend #7... Statement Necklaces. I got this one from Kohls!

Trend #8... Stripes Stripes Stripes. Especially on the skirt! In love.

What's your favorite trend this season?

Come join us over at The Lookbook and follow our blog! We'll likely keep you entertained with what we're loving and wearing, with a few funny stories in-between!
xo Jake and Corinne

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Bon Bon said...

Such great style! Love all the looks:-) I'm loving the bright colors and the 70s retro-trend! xoxo