Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the view from my window.

Our dresser in its new location!
Well not my window exactly. More like various locations around my room, where our new little (actually quite massive) dresser has found a home. 

We've made or re-made a large number of our decor in here, so if you see something you'd like to know more specifically what we did to create it, let me know, and I'll try and post a more detailed how-to. Sorry I don't have more in the moment pictures. I find that when I start doing a project, I get super-duper engrossed and forget to take pictures while I'm doing it! So sorry for the ridiculous amounts of pictures here. I suppose I'm trying to make up for it!


Remade: dresser, vintage mirror, jewelry box, white picture frame, white and blue storage boxes, vintage frames
Handmade: orange plywood board, storybook mums 
We refinished those crates, and put them together to make a night stand. The mums on the wall are made from my least favorite text book of all time :)
My friend Carrian gave me this idea after I saw her do it to a lovely wreath in their house. I used crinckled white streamers and twisted them into little roses, and then glued them onto this old ugly frame. Prettier now! :)
I got these 4 boxes from Big Lots for $20 and then repainted them to match what I wanted for our room.  I used spray paint for the white and gray and then used a kind of stencil I found for a buck, and sponged on the blue paint.
I was actually really quite pleased with how these turned out!
This old mirror was super Mc-Ugly when we bought it at a garage sale.  A coat of spray paint, and a little distressing later, and I am in love!
I got this old encyclopedia from a sidewalk sale for $2 the jewelry box was a gift, but it got chipped, so I refinished it in a happy green color!
Like the dresser, we got these shutters from Habitat for Humanity home store, for $10 I wrapped the hanger in the same streamers used to make the frame, and hung dried flowers on hemp from it!
This corner of the room is the corner that needs the most work. The gray panels against the wall will hopefully someday be a headboard, and I made those poof balls a long time ago, and I'm not sure I like them as much any more. I refinished this mirror too, along with the lamp and the little jewelry box from savers for $6.

We love our little room! Almost makes us feel like real adults!!!


Gentri said...

SO cute! That dresser is beautiful and I love the wall with the picture frames and flowers! I'm the same way with projects. "During" photos? Forget it. haha!

Carrian said...

loooooooooove it all. Wanna help me make frames with mums like yours? And reupholster a couch? And be friends again? ;) MISS YOU!!

P! said...

Umm... you are by far the most creative blogger out here that I've seen. You are so crafty and have beautiful visions on how to make a basic space incredible. Thanks for sharing! And the dresser looks great in it's new location, by the way. :)

Shayla said...

I love the overlapping frames on the wall. I've been looking for something to do for the wall we have going up our steps - I think you may be on to something!

Ayan said...

i have the same jewelry box! i love it but hate the wood grain! i can't believe i didn't think of that! awesome makeover!
xoxo, ayan

LaynahRose said...

Beautiful! What a happy room :)

Miss Sassy Pants said...

That dresser is AMAZING. I am so jealous!

Miko said...

Everything is so cute<3 I love that dresser so much.