Thursday, May 5, 2011

oh thursday, what have you done?

I’m glad to report that I was feeling better today! Better enough to even get up and shower (much to Justin’s delight) yet still sick enough to still be slightly grouchy (much to Justin’s distress)(this is also the reason why I'm looking so serious in all the photos). What can I say? I’m a woman. Not really though, I hate it when people use that excuse…well wait no, I am really a woman, I just don’t like it when people use that excuse.

Wow three sentences in and I’m already babbling. This is pretty much what I do on phone messages too. I am the queen of awkward, ridiculously long phone messages. Serious I am. Bad messages they are. And somehow I’ve now turned into Yoda. Some might think, “Well this is her blog, she could certainly edit her comments”. And yes my friends, I certainly could. But honestly, this is all I got today. Blame it on Thursday, but even writing this is making me feel better! J ahhh. Justin’s been so stinking sweet too the whole time I’ve been feeling sick, and missing work. Seriously, could I have a better husband? (Rhetorical question, because obviously I could not)

When I was young, white was my favorite color of all time, but it can be extremely hard to wear. My best friend says that wedding dresses would be much more complimentary if they were black. But somehow I think that would be considered much less romantic. Oh ps, every item in this outfit came from eBay! I love that. The whole thing cost less than 40 buck: Banana Republic white jeans, Jcrew (gorgeous) aqua/green/nondescript lace patterned t-shirt, Victoria secret blazer, and gladiator sandals. I promise that a post of tips on how to shop on eBay is soon coming, and it will be well worth all of the immense anticipation I'm sure you all are feeling.

Well I’m out folks! We’re going to watch Tangled with my best friend and eat chips, pizza and circus animal cookies. (2 bags for 2 bucks at macey’s right now. Get a move on people).

Ps. Apparently the name Yoda, has not yet made it into spell check’s dictionary. Someone should really rectify this obvious oversight. I think Yoda has earned it. 

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