Friday, May 6, 2011

fridays are lame.

No, Fridays aren't really lame, just this one, and just for me. I hope you all have some wonderful, exciting, enviable Friday plans. I've been spending my day writing my part of a manuscript I've been working on with one of my teachers because I’m the queen of procrastination. Literally. The crown is on display above my headboard.

So I’ve been working on that while justin plays angry birds and rocks out to the Tron Legacy soundtrack. I think all boys are in love with that sound track. It’s like musical testosterone. Though I’m not sure what that says about me, as I am currently also rocking out to it. Hahaha justin just said, “make sure you put album title as Tron Reconfigured, its totally different from the original.” So guys its Tron RECONFIGURED. Make sure that you get it right. Because I’m sure you were all just dying to listen to musical testosterone in the first place. 

a picture of justin, because I've decided he's been overwhelmingly underrepresented in this blog thus far.

 I had my second interview with a company today, which is why I’m dressed so snazzy. Again, everything in this outfit is from eBay, except the belt. The whole outfit was under 35 buckaroo’s: Vintage patterned blouse via eBay – black pinstripe pants from express, via eBay – Kenneth Cole ankle strap leather flats (you guys can’t appreciate in this picture how awesome these shoes are, but let me just tell you, they are rockin) and red leather belt from a Kohl’s sale. J

Well friends, go forth and prosper, and do something fantastic on this lovely Friday night!


Ps. Make sure you tune in again tomorrow, I am posting probably the cutest music video of all stinking time. Serious right now. 

This is me thinking about the great music video I have for you tomorrow. Or me about to take a bite out of your face. You pick.

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