Friday, April 29, 2011

our house, in the middle of our street.

Ralf Lauren striped blazer (via eBay), Boutique vest (via eBay), Banana Republic button up (via eBay),
Rock and Republic jeans (via eBay), Clarks Indigo shoes (via eBay), Anthropologie Pearls (you guessed it, via eBay)

I sometimes whine that our house doesn't get much light (we live in a triplex shaped like an L and we are in the corner, so the other two apartments tend to block our windows) but we have the most gorgeous tree outside our window (plus our house has the nice carpet) so I really shouldn't complain. Slash, we have great neighbors, and we live literally, thirty seconds away from Apollo burger, ten seconds in the car. And Apollo burger has the MOST delicious onion rings and fries. The kind that are so perfectly crispy that you feel sick afterwards. Mmmm. So good. And they have somehow mastered the art of fry sauce composition (the fact that I can compare fry sauce composition, or that I even eat fry sauce at all only goes to show that I have been in Utah for MUCH too long). 

Anyways, it so happens that many nights, when Justin and I get home and are messing around in the front yard, or taking pictures by the brick wall dumpster across from our house (yes, I am standing in front of a dumpster in these pictures. So there.), the delicious smells of the Apollo burger waft over us, their alluring, hypnotic attraction, pulling us into that delicious world of deep-fried wonder.

Such was the case yesterday, and may I just recommend the Western Bacon Burger with the onion rings? Yes that is right, we got the Burger that has onion rings on it, then washed it down with a side of onion rings. Don’t judge me. I dare you to resist (it has the natural, thick cut bacon on it! So good!) Anyways, I was not planning on creating an entire post about a burger joint, but there you go.  I guess I should have taken some pictures. Instead, you will have to settle for some lovely pictures of me in front of a dumpster you didn't know was a dumpster. I know, you will never be able to look at me the same. I accept that.

Ps. If you are still reading, I commend you. A little bit about the outfit I’m wearing here: Every single last piece is from eBay, including my shoes, which by the way are the most comfortable heels ever found on this good green earth of ours. The cost of the entire outfit was: 51 bucks. Ralf Lauren striped blazer, boutique black vest, hot pink Banana Republic blouse, Rock and Republic Jeans, Anthropologie pearls, and Clarks Indigo criss-cross pumps. Boo ya.

Pps or pss (not sure which is right) can you tell that I’m really laughing in the last picture? My nostrils always flare when I’m having a hearty laugh. A dead giveaway. And the last pic is one of justin right infront of said Apollo burger. Why is he so much sexier than me? i'm just lucky I guess.

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