Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the end of an era

Alarm clocks rings at five thirty in the morning, and justin and I are both so tired that neither of us want to get up to turn it off. Inevitably, the sweetheart of a man i married gets up, clicks it off, and gets ready for work, as i wake up to my last day as a college undergraduate student.

It is so surreal, that this is the last time I will ever go to the testing center to take a test. I will never again take another class in the JFSB (everything at BYU is an acronym, its not uncommon to hear a sentence like; hey I'm going to go grab some lunch in the WILK, then I'll meet you in the HFAC after I get out of class in the JFSB).

I've loved college. I've loved learning. its been really frustrating for me, and everyone in my life, as i've tried to decide what to do with my life, what to study, but now that
its over, i can barely believe it. my backpack seemed to have had enough though. It decided to completely break the day before my last test (as you can see above). The real kicker is, I am still working at school until the end of the summer, or I find a better job. It would have been so nice to have something already lined up, but I don't know how people deal with finding a job on top of everything else while they are in school. Some people are just superhuman.

Me and my very superhumanless self however, are still vigilantly looking for a job. i'm really hoping i can find a good job in the human services field. what I would really like to try is working for the Department of Child and Family Services, but we'll see.

Well we will see where life takes us. I will miss choir, and Gentri (above) whom i stood next to for a whole year. I will miss learning and going to class and class discussions. I will miss a lot. I won't miss homework. I won't miss the limited time i had with justin, and i won't miss tuition. its been so great, but i'm excited for what the future holds.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm a blog stalker...I randomly click on blogs I find at that rockstar diaries blog...

I just wanted to say that I graduated in December with a degree in Family Studies (not in Utah...I live in TX), and there is NO JOB to be found ANYWHERE. I interned with the Department of Family and Protective Services here during my last semester, and they still can't hire me (the state is broke, laying people off...etc).

So basically, GOOD LUCK!! I hope Utah has more available than Texas does =)

Heather said...

Yeah, there is definatly an oversaturation of the job market right now! I'm so sad to hear the situation in texas is so bad! I'm originally from Dallas, and would love to end up there, but not if there aren't any jobs! :( Good luck finding something!