Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Sing, with your eyes close, not because you love the song, but because you love to sing." -copeland

My mother used to tell me, that she could always tell when I was happy, because folks, I’m a singer.  You know those annoying people who hum to themselves as they walk down the hall, or worse yet, randomly burst into song and dance like life were a musical? Yes. That is me.

I was a “choir dork” a “drama nerd” and I still honestly wish that life were actually a musical. Who made the rule that we can’t dance and sing in the middle of the street anyway? I also love birds. The one creature on this earth who seem to like singing almost as much as me (besides my little terrier Nips). Slash, I have always ALWAYS wanted to fly. If I could have any super power in the world, I would choose flight. Hands down, no contest. Oh but what about, laser vision, mind control, super strength you ask; lame sauce I say! Give me flight or give me death as someone once said (Not really I just made that up). Back to birds though, a sparrow, or any “songbird” is a suborder of the Passeri, and I thought an appropriate name for my little family’s blog. So. In case you are wondering (I’m sure you would have been up all night thinking about it) that is where the name of this blog came from.  That’s as creative as I get folks! I love singing! I love my husband! I love life! And I love Birds! (Not in that order of course!) (I’ve just realized that I use an obscene amount of parenthesis).

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Megs said...

so i've totally been stalking your blog and wanted to say two things: 1. i'm pretty sure you were in my moral development and socialization class!! and we talked in those classes. and i was always jealous of your style. and lo and behold, you have a fashion blog so OF COURSE i would be jealous of your styel :) and 2. i love love LOVE Copeland and was so incredibly happy you quoted them. and now i know we will be friends forever :)