Friday, May 30, 2014

summer lovin

These long summer days are really the best aren't they? We've been having a really hard time putting little j down to bed on time because we just want to spend every evening outside enjoying the fresh air. 

His grandparents got him a little motorized four-wheeler that he calls his moco-ize (motorcycle, you'll never hear me correct it, I'm holding on to this baby language as long humanly possible), and we've been watching him ride it around the backyard every evening. 

I've decided to slow down with photography a little bit; I'll only be accepting 2-3 jobs a month. I want a little more time to enjoy my family use our weekends for special outings with just us. I love my clients and am so grateful for them, and hope we'll still be able to meet the needs of those that come to us. 

keep casual with chucks and jcrew Life of a Passeri
Top: American Eagle $22 | Jeans: Jcrew via swap $20 | Shoes: Chucks via eBay $32
Glasses: Doce & Gabbana via Target

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Julia Paige said...

oooh i love this look! especially the white chucks, i've been on the hunt for a new summer pair myself!