Monday, January 27, 2014

a girl named silence.

Life of a Passeri, thrifted colf weather style
Life of a Passeri, thrifted colf weather style
Top: American Eagle (i know right?) | Sweater: Kohls back from my high school days (again, i know!)
 Jeans: Ideeli Sample Site ($20 bucks!) | Shoes: Anthro Sale: $40

Life has been more than a little insane recently. Since October, I went back full time, and then back to 3/4 time at work, got unexpected new responsibilities at church & work, fell waaay behind in editing client pictures, aaand this weekend, genius that I am, managed to stick my finger in a hand blender.

These, and many other little factors have contributed to my radio silence over the last month and a half. Now that some of those are a bit more under control, hopefully life may return to some kind of normalcy, whatever that means. :) How is everyone else surviving the new year?

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