Wednesday, April 10, 2013

pink attack.

Top: | Skirt: refashioned from an old maxi | Shoes: UO | Necklace: Soel 
My sister came to visit this weekend and it was so nice to see her! We rarely get to anymore, because she is busy being an amazing PT down in Pheonix. I felt bad that though, Jasper was a little grouchy while she was visiting. He's been teething like crazy and going through a growth spurt, which in his defense, is enough to make anyone a little crabby.

Its getting to that time of year again. Work is crazy busy, and Justin is in his last week of classes, so "finals freakout" is beginning to set in. The last week of the semester was always the worst for me,  but nothing in the world beats walking out of that last exam, knowing you are free for the summer. Though, on second thought, this summers is looking to be just as crazy busy as the school year.

I hear little babbles coming from little j's room, which means my time is up. I hope you are all surviving whatever battles you are fighting these next few weeks, and soaking in the hours of blue skies and sunshine starting to make an appearance!

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