Friday, December 14, 2012

sleep deprivation.

I somehow woke up yesterday with a sleeping Jasper on my chest and absolutely no recollection of how he got there. I didn't remember waking up, or hearing him cry, or feeding or changing him. Honestly, I sometimes think it is a miracle that we have made it this long without a major catastrophe. Maybe there should be baby parent licencing. But then everyone would fail, because we'd all be so tired. :)

Dress: Vintage, Necklace: Soel Boutique, Shoes: Seychelles via eBay


Julie said...

LOVE your necklace. And that cardiganed accessory you're holding is pretty dang adorable too.

Jordan Randolph said...

Your little boy is mighty cute! And I love the chic vintage black dress with those adorable blue heels! I love Seychelles, but I never thought to check eBay! Doing that right now!


Brooke said...

Okay... this is going to sound so weird... but you look like my mom's clone! I'm so serious, it's like you guys are long lost twins and you are just the younger version haha. That's a good thing, because both of you are so beautiful!

Brooke said...

And here's a picture to demonstrate, just so you don't think some crazy girl is reading your blog haha:)