Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Today my baby is five weeks. Five beautiful weeks of sweet baby squishyness and sweet baby smell. Five weeks of poopy diapers, no sleep, head aches, and sweet baby cries.

Five of the hardest and most emotionally draining weeks of my life.

But that doesn't even matter. It is funny how many things seem to not even matter anymore. Showering, cooking, clean clothes, eating, doing pretty much anything that requires the use of your hands.

This guy is the tops. And that is pretty much all that matters.


Julie said...

He's adorable. And I can't wait to get another dose of him.

L!$@ said...

What a handsome little fella! :D Babies are just so precious.

Olivia said...

Look at that smile! I can't believe it's been so long since we've seen him. Can't wait to see his Halloween costume :)