Sunday, August 21, 2011

thoughts for sunday

Last week at church, I was so touched by our lesson on charity and serving others. I learned about a lady in our congregation who has been really sick and in need of help, and although I wrote down our service coordinators' number, once I left church I never called, but was so consumed by all my own issues and problems, that I missed the chance to give the service so needed and deserved by that sweet lady. 

Its made me think a lot today about who I am, and how I am shaping my life. I want to be a person full of charity and love for others; the kind of person who someone doesn't need to ask for help, because am aware enough to see need, and fill it where I can. 

I've found that I too often let my own sorrows and disappointments get in the way of becoming the person who I want to be; a joyful person who values love, service and labor, and lives a life consecrated to blessing the lives of others.


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