Sunday, August 28, 2011

thoughts for sunday - more on serving

My friend Simini just got back from an amazing trip to Israel where she was working on a service project to paint a mural on a wall in a children's hospital. She is an amazing illustrator, you can check her stuff out here. Anyways, as we were talking about their work there, it got me thinking...

Sometimes I get these crazy notions in my head that service has to be something like going to a foreign country and building a house, or starting a foundation for starving children to really count. I'm not saying that those things aren't wonderful ways to serve others, but until Justin and I make our millions in gas station vending machines, those aren't realistic options for us. 

But people don't always need a house, and most people I know aren't starving. More than not, what people really need is a smile, a meal when they are sick, help cleaning their house, or with a project, all of which these two little hands can do with little effort. 

I don't have to wait to help others. there are things I can do now, and the small things I do now are what are going to make me into the person who I want to be someday. 



Mandy Crandell said...

What a beautiful mural! Helping is such a great feeling! We can do all sorts of small things. Currently, I'm volunteering at the local library.!/MandyCrandell

Lonestarcasie said...