Tuesday, August 30, 2011

an embarrasing confession.

So I've been married for over four years now, but have never gotten any bridals done. My mom has never, in all four year of marriage, ever let me live this fact down. 

So this last Saturday, I pulled the old dress out of the closet, put it on (yes it still fit, I was as impressed as you are), and Justin and I went to work. 

I wasn't going to post any here, because that would require me admitting that it took me four years to get them done, which well, is kind of embarrassing and ridiculous, but he did such a good job, I had to put up some of my favorites, so enjoy. 


ps. a couple of the blue ones were taken by Michael Harmon. You can check his blog out here! If you live in Utah and need pictures, you should check him out!

They are a little grainy, because the files had to be compressed so much, but you get the idea.
Dress via eBay - $200


trevorwperkins said...

They look good, Heath! Anyone who knows you isn't surprised it took 4 years, don't be so embarrassed! You should be proud that you still fit your dress... that means that you like impressing your husband and you take care of yourself!
I couldn't help but notice, though, that your hair and face looks kinda different than it does in your actual wedding pictures. Oh well.

Aurora said...

How is your wedding dress still in one piece?! Mine and every other bride I know, had stains and holes in them by the end of their wedding day! You did a great job keeping it nice!
BEAUTIFUL pictures :)

Julie said...

I need to know where that building is! I love it.

Erica said...

Beautiful dress! And I've been married for almost 3 years and still haven't taken bridals. Eh, whatevs.

North Meets South

Heather said...

Thanks guys! Julie, I can totally tell you where the buildings are. which one? @trevor, yeah my face and hair are different. I'm 4 years older. I was only 20, my face hadn't finished filling out. :)

Courtney B said...

LOVE the pictures!! And honestly, I'm a little envious of this photo shoot! I'd love to put my dress back on and have some pictures done! There are things I wish would've been captured but weren't.... and I just really like my dress and want to wear it again :)

Lonestarcasie said...

Very cute. I have a girlfriend that has been married about 17 years. She has a tradition with her husband that every year on their anniversary, she will put on her wedding dress and they take pictures. This year she went out to eat in it. Mine is wrapped in a bedsheet under the bed in the mom-in-law room.


traeflores said...

heather, these photos are as beautiful & unique as you are!

P! said...

Those shoes?! Beyond amazing! And you look gorgeous, as always. Thanks for sharing these with us! :)

Julie said...

All of them! But I especially love the one that you're standing in the middle window/doorway of.